Call for action by Plaid councillor over weed growth on town pavements


 Plaid Cymru councillor Phil Bevan has called for action to clear weeds on pavements alongside one of the main routes into Caerphilly.

Councillor Bevan said: “In all my many years as a councillor, I can never recall such a large amount of weeds left to grow along pavements. I wonder whether the failure to treat pavements is as a result of spending cuts.

“I’m all for a green environment but not weeds growing on pavements alongside Pontygwindy Road, one of the main roads in and out of Caerphilly. And the problem is that is not an isolated occurrence in Caerphilly.  It just gives an impression of neglect and should not be happening,” added Councillor Bevan who represents the Morgan Jones ward.

He added: “Some residents have gone out and cleared the pavements themselves which, although commendable, is not something they should need to do.”

Councillor Bevan has contacted the highways department to report the weeds growth and ask them to spray the areas with weed killer.